Using VLOOKUP function to detect new lines of data

Let’s say you have a Balance Sheet that you update each month with data from your accounting system. The thing that always trips you up is when a new GL account has been added and it isn’t already in your Balance Sheet. If you’ve got a lot of accounts, this can be a daunting task to do manually. Continue reading “Using VLOOKUP function to detect new lines of data”

Using IFERROR function with VLOOKUPs

One of my favorite new Excel 2007 functions is IFERROR. It provides an elegant way to handle errors that previously would have required ugly IF functions. I use it a lot when I have a column of VLOOKUP functions, which can return #N/A if it can’t find whatever it is looking for. Here’s an example: Continue reading “Using IFERROR function with VLOOKUPs”