The INDIRECT() function

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Here’s some training I did for my work recently:

Using Excel’s INDIRECT function

QUESTION: How can we find the average of X months starting with month Y and be able to change those variables without changing the formula? Continue reading “The INDIRECT() function”

Fit to print over variable number of pages

Excel’s Fit to Print scaling feature is quite handy when your print area is wider than what would print out at 100% and you don’t want to monkey around trying to figure out what percentage is optimum. If you want the print area to fit, say, the width of your page and on whatever number of pages it takes to print the rest, here’s handy way to handle that. Just set the Page(s) wide by 1 and delete anything in the Tall field. Like this: Continue reading “Fit to print over variable number of pages”