Correcting AutoCorrect

For the most part, Excel’s AutoCorrect feature works well; however, sometimes it makes changes that I just don’t want. The one that always trips me up is when it changes (c) to ©. I often put letters in parenthesis to reference a footnote, like (a), (b) and ultimately the problematic (c).

Unfortunately, unlike with Word, you can’t just press Ctrl-Z and undo the auto-correction. Fixing this in Excel requires a little more work.

First, click the round Office button in the top-left corner and click the Excel Option button at the bottom of the window that appears.

Select Proofing on the left side and then click the AutoCorrect Options button.

Look at the scrollable window at the bottom. On the left is a list of text that Excel will auto-correct. What it will correct the text to, is shown on the right. To stop Excel from changing (c) to ©, just select the entry with your mouse and click Delete.

Now if you wanted to still be able to get the © symbol, instead of deleting, add a character that would be unlikely to follow the closing parenthesis, say, an exclamation point. Then click the Add button.

Note that this will not replace the existing (c) entry, so you will still need to delete it afterward.

It’s a pretty simple feature and you can add and delete entries at will. You might want to add an auto-correction entry for your name, your company’s name, etc. If you do, my tip here would be to add a special character at the end, so you can better control when the auto-correction takes place, like we did with (c)!.

Hope you can use this helpful tip for an annoying problem.

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